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Letter to Editor
by Charles Reed
Waco Tribune
August 21,2004

Don't make our air like our water.

I am pleased that Ricky Bates and Robert Cervenka are organizing opposition to the construction of a coal power plant near Riesel. I'm glad County Judge Jim Lewis has questions about it. (His city of Mart will bear the brunt of its pollution.)

The city of Waco filed a lawsuit to protect our water from pollution that makes it taste bad, but there appears little opposition to plans to pollute our air with tons of deadly lead and mercury from a dirty coal power plant.

Neither the city nor the county should use taxpayer money to bribe corporations with incentives. This is a misuse of public money and it interferes with market forces. I urge the county t delete the $5 million budget item for incentives for the power plant.

The city should not be in business to make a $750,000 annual profit by cleaning waste water from the coal power plant. Government should not operate for a profit.

Among the jobs that will be created by the power plant is the need for more pulmonary and neurology physicians. The build up of lead and mercury in the air causes neurological diseases and brain damage in unborn babies.

Baylor University should also oppose the power plant. Will it be easier to attract good professors and student to Waco if there is a cloud of lead and mercury-laden smog hanging over the city?

To learn more about deadly pollution from coal power plants, read the transcript from NOW with Bill Moyers at

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