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Public Participation Has Reduced Emissions Levels at Proposed Riesel Power Plantů
but Serious Concerns Remain

Public pressure against the proposed Sandy Creek Energy Associates (Riesel) power plant was successful in significantly reducing the amount of pollution the state will allow from this plant.


But serious concerns remain:

  • Particulate matter emissions have increased over 20% compared to the original permit application
  • Mercury emissions limits are not clear
  • Global warming emissions are not addressed
  • Acid gases are still of concern
  • The Texas Effects Screening Levels for silica, a recognized carcinogen, and lime are exceeded
  • This plant will discharge 2.6 million gallons of treated wastewater each day into the Brazos River

Also, unlike a comparable new plant in San Antonio, Sandy Creek will not be offsetting their smog forming NOx emissions or sulfur emissions! These all raise serious concerns with respect to the health impacts that this plant will have, particularly on local and downstream communities.

The following chart shows the differences between the emission levels that Sandy Creek Energy Associates applied for and the emissions limits that are in the draft permit issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. For example, the proposed ammonia emission limit has been reduced by about 40% since the permit was applied for in 2004, while the particulate matter emission limit has risen by 21%.

pollution reductions graph

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