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Media Advisory

Citizens Organize to Stop Riesel Coal Plant

March 17, 2004

For Immediate Release
Contact: Ricky Bates 254-498-3793
Robert Cervenka 254-716-3966



A diverse group of citizens will announce that they have organized to stop the proposed Riesel coal-burning power plant. A good view of the proposed site is available from this location.

Tours, pointing out problems with the site, will be offered after the press conference.




Ricky Bates
Robert Cervenka
Melissa Laudedale
Don Poston
Joshua Van Schoik
Jimmy Carpenter
Ruth Pilant (Several speakers will bring their children or grandchildren)




Thursday, March 18 at 2 PM




Across from the north side of the proposed coal plant site, on Rattlesnake Road, in Riesel. 1652 Rattlesnake Rd. Riesel 76682

Directions from Waco: take Highway 6 east, turn right on Route 1860. Pass Rattlesnake Road once. Go approximately a mile and a half more and turn right on Rattlesnake Road. Go to the bottom of the hill, then to the second gate on left-The TJJ brand is over the gate, and drive to flagpole.




The proposed coal-burning power plant would spew thousands of tons of pollutants to our region and would even impact the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Smog forming nitrogen oxides, acid-rain causing sulfur, and global warming gases would be released. Particle pollution would make it harder to breathe, especially for those with asthma or lung impairment. Up to 1180 pounds of toxic mercury would make the site the second largest power plant source in the state that is the worst in the nation for power plant mercury. There would be problems due to the site itself, and decreases in property values if the plant is built



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