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Personal Appeal Letter

November 22, 2005

Dear friends,

As you might know, or have read, we are battling the building of the Sandy Creek coal fired power plant in Eastern McLennan County (Riesel) Texas. One of the first coal plants to seek permitting in Texas since l988.

This past week we (T-Power) were in Austin participating in a contested case hearing over the air quality permit application proposed by Sandy Creek Energy Associates (SCEA). We think T-Power did well in presenting opposition to the plant. If we failed, we intend to appeal the case and go on to District Court if necessary.

Though we have persuaded TCEQ and L.S. Power to clean the emissions up quite a bit, it still is not the best available control technology (BACT).

It is imperative this plant be the cleanest, because Sandy Creek is one of seven coal powered plants now in the permitting process here in Texas – four of which are going to affect the air quality of Central Texas.

There are 123 coal power plants proposed for the United States.

Sandy Creek plant will set a precedent for others in the permitting process - so it must use the latest technology. This plant, as proposed, would take four years to build and would be obsolete before it was built.

Right now, coal fired plants are a cheaper way to generate electricity, but prices to the consumer will not go down. Electricity prices are based on natural gas prices, from the highest to the lowest prices, on the ERCOT grid.

Natural gas prices are high now; but, gas exploration is at an all time high. Companies are leasing in the Barnett Shale from Ft. Worth to Hamilton, with drilling in Johnson County moving into Hill County. A gas distribution center is locating in Groesbeck because of 300 new wells in that area.

According to the Texas Railroad Commissioner, 1700 new gas wells were put on line last year (2004). With more use of coal, the coal price will rise and more gas exploration will bring the price of gas down.

We don't need to spend money on Wyoming coal or pay the railroads to bring it here.

Not only are our City and county officials encouraging the construction of this plant, but, they are giving Sandy Creek Energy Associates five ($5) million dollars of taxpayers’ money with "hugh" 10 year tax abatements.

What this means is something I don't like to do. Ask for money to help fight this polluter. Remember, it is not for us, but for our grandchildren, who will have to bear the consequence of dirty air.

If you see "fit" or reason to help in the fight with our officials in bringing this coal plant here, please do so by sending money to our T-Power Legal Defense Fund. T-Power (Texans protecting our water, environment and resources) is a 501-C3 non profit organization and can give you a tax deduction receipt for your taxes.

We have raised some of the money for our attorneys, witness fees and costs, but need more.

You can also get more information on our website – - but don't stop there. Search on the internet for information on coal combustion, mercury contamination, radiation and the vast amount of information on coal fired plants with their problems.

With the federal debt we leave our children, we would like to, at least, leave this place a clean and healthy place to live.

Send to T-Power, P.O. Box 234, Riesel, Texas 76682 -----or send it to me with your check made out to T-Power. If you have questions, you can call me at 254 875-2286 or my cell # 254 716-3966.

There is a form on the website you can print to send.

Thank you! Sincerely,

Robert and Jo Cervenka

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